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  • How to holiday greener

How to holiday greener

By Pentewan Sands on the April 04th, 2018 in Camping, Cornwall, Activities, Holidays

How to holiday greener

Camping is all about the great outdoors so keeping it clean and gorgeous goes hand-in-hand with our au naturel way of thinking and you can join in too. Follow these six easy steps to be a sustainable visitor.

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Pop your used newspapers, magazines, cans and plastic bottles in the recycling bins provided around the site and we will take care of ensuring they go on to live another life and don’t become landfill.

2. Be car free

Explore the local area without getting behind the wheel. We’ve got walking routes in every direction, a choice of cycle trails and a bus stop just next door to us in the Lost Gardens of Heligan car park. Jump on the Travel Cornwall 471 bus service to visit the nearby fishing villages of Mevagissey and Goran, or head to St Austell with its mainline train connections for car-free travel across Cornwall. The number 101 First Kernow bus service also heads out of St Austell and will drop you at the Eden Project where you can bag yourself discounted entry as a pat on the back for travelling by public transport.

3. Eat local

One of the best bits about going on holiday and visiting new places is the chance to get under the skin of a destination and experience life as a local. You’ll find character and authenticity at every turn in Cornwall and business after business offering a taste of the real Cornwall. Spend your days indulging on proper Cornish ice cream, pasties and cream teas, feast on seafood and sample local ciders and wines, then fill your bags with Cornish cheeses, biscuits and chocolate. Supporting local tastes as good as it feels.

4. Say no to plastic straws

Kids covet them, they’re essential for those with mobility issues and sundowner drinks wouldn’t be the same without them. We’re fans of straws but do they really have to be plastic? They’re used for an average 20 minutes, then discarded. We might not see them again but each one will be around for way longer than our lifetime and even worse, may end up in the ocean harming our marine wildlife or littering our shorelines.

So, what is the solution? Paper straws. They do the same job but are easier to recycle and manage sustainably. And thanks to The Final Straw Cornwall, over 100 and counting businesses across Cornwall have made the swap. Cornwall is on a mission to become a plastic straw free zone and along with our sister site, Pentewan Sand Holiday Park, we’re backing the campaign all the way.

The advice from The Final Straw Cornwall is simple; refuse straws when offered and ask businesses not to offer them.

5. Leave no trace

When enjoying the beach, coast paths or countryside just leave your footsteps behind. Discarding rubbish is a big no-no but brownie points go to those that pick up any that they see - pop a bag and some gloves in your pocket so that you’re always ready and make use of our recycling bins if you can.

6. Make your memento mindful

However tempting they may look don’t pick flowers and plants and be mindful when collecting pebbles and seashells to ensure you’re not walking away with a little animal’s home. Better still buy your holiday souvenirs from local shops, Cornish crafts and artwork make the perfect memento to your Heligan experience.

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