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  • The Health Benefits of Camping

The Health Benefits of Camping

By Pentewan Sands on the November 27th, 2017 in Dogs, Camping, Caravan, Cornwall

The Health Benefits of Camping

At Heligan Caravan and Camping Park we’re big believers that the simple way is the best way. We’re all about being at one with nature and revelling in the beauty of our surroundings. It’s a feel-fab camping style with a serious health kick.

Here are just a few ways that camping is good for both the body and the mind…

It helps sleep

Yes really! Fresh air and a break from screens and artificial lights is the ultimate prerequisite to a good night’s sleep. Throw in the fact that increased exposure to natural daylight helps to reset the internal body clock and suddenly snuggling up in a sleeping bag under canvas offers a whole extra luxury. 

It makes you unplug

Even if you can pick up WiFi or can tap into a good 3G signal while camping, being in the great outdoors will distract you from notifications and pinging phones. By taking five from the constant stream of media content you’ll redeem a sense of perspective and free your mind.

It tops up your vitamin D levels

Being outdoors means exposure to the sun which means increased production of vitamin D which means, well, all kinds of health benefits! Your immune system will love you for it for starters, as well as your teeth, bones, muscles…

It’s good exercise

We’re not going to lie, camping can be hard work. All that tent pitching, hunting for firewood and walking to the toilet block gets the blood pumping and burns off the calories. But it’s the kind of exercise that is heaps of fun, in fact, it doesn’t even feel like exercise, we just call it outdoor living!

It helps you to reconnect

There’s nothing like sharing a tent with someone or cooking with friends around a campfire to spark conversation and smiles. Camping is sociable. It’s about shared experiences, laughing together and being happy - and isn’t that the best route to feeling healthy?

For more information and ways to stay at Heligan Campsite, visit our Ways to Stay pages. 

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